Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Number Sandler
This picture is a distortion of a picture of Adam Sandler, for the Barbie Doll Project. I had a little trouble with the warping as it did not seem to do what I wanted it to do but I was able to give his head the football shape of the character I wanted him to look like. That would be Number One (Nigel) of the popular TV Cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door. After I warped the image and removed Adam's hair, I gave him Number One's sunglasses to finish up the Nigel appearance.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blemish Girl (Photo Retouching)
This was a picture of a girl who had some acne and freckle that to some may haven't looked the prettiest. So using photo retouching, I was able to remove them and make her skin look a lot smoother, as well as touching up her eyes a bit. This came out a lot better than I expected because I had a few problems during creation where you could tell where I had tried to do some touching up but I fixed those and the picture still came out looking nice.
Plane Splat
This is the picture I created for my paint splat project. The photo of small passenger jet with its wings turning to liquid and flying off behind it. The art could've been a bit better but I am new to photoshop still and I'm proud of the way it came out. I took the color from the wings and made the splats that color but left some of the black that was in there from switching them from color to grayscale. The splats may have looked a little better but you can still tell that the wings are falling apart.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is my newimal, a combination of a wolf (the head) and a raccoon (the body). You can see a normal raccoon in the bottom of the picture, compared with the raccoon wolf creature in the top. The raccoon wolf blend was a bit difficult to create as the original wolf pic had the lighting coming from the opposite side. I had to try and darken the muzzle and make it look as if he was still being hit by light and it turned out okay. The combination of the fur at the base of the neck was the hardest to make look natural, as I barely have any experience with photoshop. However, it came out very nicely, and I am happy with the work that I ended up with.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Splatter Kitty
I thought this tutorial was quite funny, but I had no idea which splatter we were supposed to use for our picture. In any case, I thought the cat was very cute and I like cats so I chose to use it in my picture. The paint appears to be coming from the cats paw, although in the tutorial the elephant's trunk was enveloped in the paint. Even though it may not be perfect, I had fun with this and am looking forward to creating a newimal.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

X-Ray Vision Project
This was a fun picture to create. The object that I added was a computer mouse, because I do a lot of playing games on my computer when I'm at home. The overlapping bones was a simple procedure to go through, it just took me a little while to realize what I had to do. The skeleton obviously is not holding its arms the way I am, but it's hard to work with a skeleton model held together with metal. However, I like the way my image turned out and I even inverted the color of the mouse to match the "x-ray" look of the bones.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I really enjoyed making this picture, as the colors came out quite nice through the use of the blending and overlapping layers. At first I began to think that it would be hard to put together but the tutorial really explained it well and I ended up with an image that I really liked. This image is of a dancer and consists of two layers, a background and the color layer, with the color layer obviously providing the color for the black and white image..

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cartoon Project
This is the cartoon project I made, featuring myself and one of my favorite characters from an anime I watch. The background, image of myself and the character, are all different photos. I wanted it to look like we're in a good mood, ready to go do something enthusiastically, however, I'm not very good at taking pictures so I look a little bit weird. I did enjoy trying to put this picture together and I messed up a lot but overall, it was a fun project and I'm looking forward to the next.