Tuesday, November 19, 2013

1. I chose to TRY and make a portrait of my girlfriend. I chose her because obviously she's special to me but she's also impacted my life in a big way. She provides me with support and also knows how to cheer me up and keep me goin. She's one of the most important, if not the most, people in my life.
2. When I was trying to come up with the materials for my project I was looking to try and do something different that seems like it would be common but still trying to follow the idea of an uncommon media. The choice of duct tape was fun but made the portrait look very abstract and boxy and it became hard to make a portrait that looked like my model no matter how much I followed my picture. This made for a hard time constructing the piece though it was fun.
3. One of the risks I took in the project was trying to make the picture look as close to the picture I was following as possible, despite the natural boxy look of the tape. This brought on the challenge of shaping the lips and eyes to be somewhat circular as well as the minimal coloration of duct tape. This caused the project to lack value which was expected though I imagined it would be a simple fix. This was not the case as the duct tape did not let the color of the tape behind it pass through and affect the top layer as much as I thought it would.
4. My choices did make the construction of this piece really difficult. It may have been easy to put together but it was not easy to make it look like her. There are a couple distinct things I added to make it look like her, such as a small protruding piece of tape on one of the eyebrows to make it look like the unruly one that she has and the V-neck because she likes to wear a lot of V-neck tshirts. There is not a big connection between her and the duct tape though it does sort of signify the fun things we do together that although they are fun, they can get to be a bit annoying. An example of this would be like eating out when she wants me to pick where to go but I don't really want to pick.