Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mixed Media
1. My idea was to make a scene depicting imagination. I think imagination fits into amusement because if you use your imagination, then you can create anything. The imagination is shown with the colorful thought bubble that takes up most of the piece. To create variety, I colored the remaining space gray, to symbolize the dullness that the real world can sometimes be. This helped to show the opposite of creativity and to emphasize the fun that comes with imagining.
2. The two media I chose to create this piece of artwork were water colors and oil pastel. In the beginning, I thought that the oil pastel would repel the water colors making it so that the colors would not overlap the pastel that I put down like acrylic paint would. And they did, to a point. If I accidentally went over the lines, then the pastel would prevent the water colors from setting and I could wipe them off without harm. Though in a couple areas, the water color did end up overlapping the pastel making some of the pastels look darker while I was able to fix others. Despite all this, some of the water colors came out looking almost silky, which I really liked and decided to keep.
3. To be honest, when we did the visual journals, I did not really enjoy it that much, seeing as it was a bit messy and you weren't always guaranteed that the tissue paper would look the same way it originally did when you finished. The only thing I really took from it that I applied in this work was the layering, and what you applied first. I used the oil pastels before I used the water color which did the pastels stand put more than if I put the pastels over the water colors.
4. There were a couple challenges I faced. One, when I was applying the different water colors, the white pastel did not seem to repel the water colors the way the other colors did, and in some areas, it completely gave way to the paint. In the end, I had to go over the paint again with the pastels. I did the same thing in the areas that the water colors went over the colored pastels. When painting the gray parts, the gray did not seem to act like water colors and completely covered the E in the Imagine on the side. Due to this, I had to redraw the E in a darker color.