Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1. My solutions for what's the point included laughter, smiling, sleepy, alone, peaceful, silent.
2.The solution I chose was alone, because even though I liked peaceful, which was my other choice, peaceful is seen too much. You don't really seem to see many things emphasizing loneliness that often.
3. I showed contrast in the stippling of the shadows on the guard rails and in the darkness of the tunnel. I used a different method in the shading of both; stippling for one, crosshatching for the other.
4. The medium I chose to use was ink and pen, though I did outline in pencil beforehand. I chose pen over the others because it made the different structures of the picture stand out more than the pencil, which also smudged a bit when I drew my final sketch.
5 I used crosshatching in the shading within the tunnel and I used stippling on the left side barriers and for the barrier's shadow on the road.
6. Yes, I took risks during the production of this project. One, I think turned out good, the other, maybe could have been executed better. The grass on the side of the road was the risk I think turned out good, as it filled up the empty white space in the bottom right hand corner. The other, the extension of the shadow within the tunnel, did not go to well. I started the extension at the top and realized that I curved the crosshatching too much resulting in a sloppy top of the shadow.
7. The message that I am trying to convey through my picture is that loneliness is a tunnel we all go through at one point in our life. We may have to go through a short tunnel or a long one, but it is not a journey you walk in the light, which is why the inside of the tunnel is in darkness. A tunnel is dark and scary to some, and is not a place you want to spend your time in, each their own reason why. Whatever the cause, whatever the reason, you will always find your way to the light that's just on the other side of the tunnel.